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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

About Glitz n Stonez

Sticks & stones may beat your mug… but Glitz n Stonez will revitalize you!


Is your inner Drag Queen just dying to come out of the closet? Are you a professional Queen who can’t find the right accessories. Are you a strong woman who has a need to unleash their inner diva?


Stop looking busted and start looking dusted!


Glitz n Stonez will slay the runway with our glitz-y shoes, accessories and corsets spangled with stonez.


Don’t get clocked for those hooker heels, let them have it with a pair of glitter and stoned heels that actually fit you!

Make them gag and feel the fantasy in your hand stoned crystal corset !

Look sickening and brown cow stunning with a pair of stoned gloves 

Feel the eleganza realness with a set of nails!

Werk the room and walk purse first with a glitter and stoned clutch!

Bring it to the ball with crystal stoned sunglasses and glasses case


 Glitz n Stonez revamps ordinary objects into items of desire. Our mission is to create fashionable, sparkly accessories for Drag Queens Australia wide. So you know they will be the right size!


We style & create not are not limited to;

 Heels, boots and flats






Clip on earrings (coming soon)

Bracelets, tiaras and other jewellery (coming soon)


We have products for all budgets, and can offer the above products using anything from Acrylic Rhinestones to Swarovski Crystals, standard plastic to plant based biodegradable glitter.


We can offer new, never worn items, or you can send us your worn in comfortable heels to get a face lift.


You can pick from a selection of ready to go Glitz n Stonez designs or we can do a custom, one of a kind design made especially for you!


Glitz n Stones home base is in Adelaide, South Australia where the creator and founder Mell enjoys working with products and people that inspire her; Glitter, Rhinestones and Drag Queens.

A big supporter of the LGBTIQA+ community, Mell has been watching and enjoying drag for 20 years. When RuPauls Drag Race aired, she formed a new appreciation of the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent it takes to be a Queen, and is the reality shows biggest fan (go on, test her!).

After her best Judy started doing Drag, Mell realised what little options Australia has to buy accessories suitable for the Drag performer, especially in Adelaide. Something had to be done!

So, she purchased her first pair of Drag heels (size US woman 13 & available for sale!) added ruby red glitter, styled them up and the rest is history…

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